Working Chronology of Acts

Acts of the ApostlesI have decided to put together in one place those posts that could help give us a timeline of the events that Luke writes about in the Acts of the Apostles. With this in mind, it should be understood that nothing (time-wise) is encased in stone. I am working with what I see implied, and I welcome comments with opposing points of view. But, please understand that though I welcome other ideas, I do not thereby obligate myself to accept those ideas–untried. Everything must be tried in the fires of debate–if not with those who present opposing points of view, then with myself as I consider them. Whatever is found here to aid chronology is what I believe to be true at this present time. If I come across a point of view that fits better, I will change my posts immediately upon understanding its value. That said, below are the posts I consider helpful, and I await anyone willing to comment.


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