Acts ~ A Second Look

Acts 2

The Book of Acts
The Holy Spirit is Tongues of Fire
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I am a Sunday school teacher, and I had previously finished studying the Book of Acts and posted on this blog the insights I received as a result. I hadn’t known a great deal about the book but studying it as I did caused me to fall in love with Acts. Recently, I decided to teach another class about Acts on Wednesday evenings, but in this case I wish the study to conform to three 13 week studies and end in a year. It is in anticipation of this new teaching responsibility, which I hope to begin in September of 2012, that I am taking a second look at Acts. Of course the content here will be more than what I’ll be able to put into a class that must adhere to the time limit of one year, but I thought it would be fun to post my insights here and seek to reduce the content for teaching later. As I said beginning my first study, I do not intend that my insights would be a true commentary on Acts, but I hope folks will find it interesting what I believe God has been teaching me.


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