The Book of Acts

Acts - 5Luke’s book, the Acts of the Apostles, is a very intriguing book. It chronicles the first days of the early church, with special attention given to Peter. Then, in about the middle of the book, Luke switches his attention to Paul, whose works are then chronicled until the end of the book. In other words, his work, the Acts of the Apostles, is really about the “acts of Peter and Paul!” I fell in love with this book just after I had begun a series of studies for my Sunday school group. I actually did a more in-depth study later, simply because I wanted to learn more and more about Lukes wonderful work. Below you will find both of these studies together with my attempt to find a true chronology of the book. I hope anyone who visits this page will find it as enjoyable as it is my pleasure to offer it for a good read. Lord bless all who come here.

  1. Acts of the Apostles
  2. The Book of Acts — a Second Look
  3. A Working Chronology of Acts



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