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Tell No Man!

Leprosy - 1Luke tells us that Jesus told the man whom he had cured of his leprosy to tell no man what happened. Rather, he was to go to the priest and offer the sacrifice that Moses prescribed in the Law. Some folks seem to believe that this man disobeyed Jesus, pointing to Mark 1:43-45 where Jesus is said to have “strictly charged” the man, saying: “See that you say nothing to any man…”, but the man published (G2784) abroad what Jesus had done for him! Did Jesus really intend for this healing to be kept secret? If so, why did he say further that the man was to show himself to the priest and offer the appropriate sacrifice as a testimony or a witness to them? It doesn’t make sense for Jesus to say on the one hand: “Tell no one!” but on the other: “Go to the priest and offer the sacrifice according to the Law, as a **witness** to them. How should we understand this? Read the rest of this entry »

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The Great Contest that Wasn’t!

Temptation - 1

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Folks will often read about Jesus’ temptations in either Matthew 4:1-11 or Luke 4:1-13 and come to the conclusion that Jesus was tempted by a spirit-being called Satan (the Devil). However, if you and I could have happened by, would we have come to the conclusion that a spirit being was tempting a person by the name of Jesus? I doubt that it would have been that simple. I think, if we happened on the scene, we wouldn’t have noticed anyone called Satan, nor would we have noticed anyone taking Jesus to a high mountain or even to a pinnacle of the Temple. I believe these things are metaphors for topics or directions taken in real discussions, challenges (more like intimidations) and debates that took place between Jesus and others, whom Satan used to act in his place. Think about it; would Satan, a powerful spiritual enemy, have announced his presence by simply manifesting himself to Jesus there in the wilderness? All Jesus would have had to do was refuse anything he said—a no brainer! Whatever Satan would say must be wrong. What is wrong with this picture? Read the rest of this entry »

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