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Tell No Man!

Leprosy - 1Luke tells us that Jesus told the man whom he had cured of his leprosy to tell no man what happened. Rather, he was to go to the priest and offer the sacrifice that Moses prescribed in the Law. Some folks seem to believe that this man disobeyed Jesus, pointing to Mark 1:43-45 where Jesus is said to have “strictly charged” the man, saying: “See that you say nothing to any man…”, but the man published (G2784) abroad what Jesus had done for him! Did Jesus really intend for this healing to be kept secret? If so, why did he say further that the man was to show himself to the priest and offer the appropriate sacrifice as a testimony or a witness to them? It doesn’t make sense for Jesus to say on the one hand: “Tell no one!” but on the other: “Go to the priest and offer the sacrifice according to the Law, as a **witness** to them. How should we understand this? Read the rest of this entry »

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Jesus’ Right to the Priesthood

Presentation in the Temple

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In my previous study I looked at the ceremony of circumcision, which Jesus underwent when he was eight days old. The second ceremony which involved Jesus immediately after his birth was his presentation in the Temple, which was to occur when he was a month old (Numbers 18:16). The ceremony was important because Jesus was Mary’s firstborn, and every firstborn male that opened the womb was holy to the Lord and had to be redeemed for five shekels, because the Levites were chosen instead of them to be the priests of the Temple (Luke 2:22-23; cf. Exodus 13:2; Numbers 8:13-18; 3:48-51). However, it seems that when Jesus was presented before the Lord, he was not redeemed! That is, no sacrifice was offered according to the Law; therefore, he remained the Lord’s priest! Read the rest of this entry »

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Fulfill the Law of Christ

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Christ tells us that we have responsibilities toward one another (1John 3:16). We are not on our own; Christ is with us (Matthew 28:20; Hebrews 13:5). Neither are we alone with respect to one another, for we are called to come to one another’s aid (Luke 22:31-32). No man lives to himself (Romans 14:7); he has responsibilities to others, others have responsibilities toward him. In the world we are made to feel success and failure are personal matters, and each of us bears that responsibility individually or alone. This is not so in Christ. Read the rest of this entry »

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