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How Close Is Heaven?

Heaven - 2

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Many religions believe God is someplace far away and cannot be bothered with people. The Buddhists, for example, believe God created the world but left us to our own desires. In other words, he has no real interest in what we do or think. Many people today believe that, if there is a god, he certainly isn’t interested in us. If he were a moral god and interested in what we do, certainly our world wouldn’t be in such a terrible condition. How could a just god or a moral god permit so much evil in the world in which we live, knowing we are powerless to change it for the better? If god exists, it seems he must be either immoral and doesn’t care about our pitiful condition, or he is incapable to do anything about our destructive behavior. In either case why should we be concerned about what he thinks or desires? – …or so goes the argument! Read the rest of this entry »

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