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Power Was Present to Heal Them

from Google Images

from Google Images

For the first time in his Gospel record, Luke mentions the Pharisees (Luke 5:17), and he places them with the doctors of the Law, called scribes in Mark 2:6 and Matthew 9:3. The interesting thing in Luke is that they are come from all over the land of the Jews, Galilee, Judea and even Jerusalem. Jesus’ public ministry was begun only a week or two prior to the incident in Luke 5:17, so his fame couldn’t have already spread to Judea. Therefore, an explanation is needed to account for such a large and varied representation of Jewish authorities in Galilee, and the annul Jewish Festivals provide a logical reason for their presence. The fact that a few days later the disciples of Jesus were in the ripe grain fields in Luke 6:1 indicates that the time of Luke 5 is during the fall festivals. Read the rest of this entry »

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