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Paul’s Argument of Relationships

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In Galatians 4:12 and following Paul concludes his fifth argument for justification before God coming through faith in Christ and not through keeping the law. He does this by again pointing to Abraham. Anyone who shares the faith of Abraham is already his son and heir and doesn’t need to keep the law to make it so, whatever false teachers may say. The Law was given as a temporary custodian to prepare the Jews for the coming of Christ, but it was through Christ that both Jew and gentile would receive the blessings God promised to Abraham. The Law was to bring men to Christ by showing them that not only couldn’t they keep its demands, but its very nature tempted them to do those very things it told them not to do. Read the rest of this entry »

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Have I, Your Friend, Become Your Enemy?

At this point in Galatians, I believe Paul comes to a heart-to-heart part of his message. He expresses his personal sadness over how the Galatians have acted. He began by recalling how they had treated him while he was with them during his first missionary journey. Paul had been attacked, but not by them. He was attacked by his own countrymen—the Jews of the Diaspora who lived in the cities of Galatia. At one point Paul was left for dead. He was stoned, and, though Luke is not clear on the matter in Acts 14:19-20, Paul was probably dead. Yet, whether dead or near death, God performed a miracle, and Paul rose up as though unharmed. Nevertheless, according to his letter to the Galatians, he recalled his wounds and how they affected his preaching the Gospel to them. Read the rest of this entry »

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