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Coming of Age in the First Century AD


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Paul uses the practice of both Jewish and gentile children coming of age in the first century AD and likens this with how God treats mankind since the coming of Christ. A Jew came of age or received his bar mitzvah about the age of 12. Similarly, “a Roman child became an adult at the sacred family festival known as the Liberalia, held annually on the seventeenth of March. At this time the child was formally adopted by his father as his acknowledged son and heir and received the toga virilis in place of the toga praetexta, which he had previously worn.”[1] The Roman youth came of age at the time appointed of his father, usually between the ages of 14 and 17. In Galatians 4:9 Paul likens the Galatians’ practice of Judaism as an adult returning to the days of his youth in order to live as they did as children under a guardian. Read the rest of this entry »

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Paul’s Argument of Maturity

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In Galatians 3:25-29 Paul argues that, as the mature sons of God, we are no longer under our childhood guardian or schoolmaster. After faith has come—that is, after our salvation appears or after Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection (the object of our faith)—after this appears, we are no longer under the custodian, which Paul explains is the Law (Galatians 3:25). Rather we are under Jesus in whom we trust. Read the rest of this entry »

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