Possible Sources of Paul’s Theology

Paul - 3Paul’s letters show that he preached the same things from his first letter to the Galatians to his final letters from prison at Rome. There is absolutely nothing in his epistles that show he grew in understanding and that one letter expresses a more mature understanding of the Gospel than an earlier one. If this is so, then we have to wonder how Paul acquired his understanding so quickly after his conversion. Assuming sincerity, one simply does not turn from persecuting believers in Jesus one moment to becoming history’s greatest defender and promoter of the faith in the next moment without having to unlearn something and build upon another.

Below are a few blogs in which I attempt to show how and where Paul acquired his theology. I welcome comments and hope we can discuss these things together, if you have what seems to you to be a better idea.


2 responses to “Possible Sources of Paul’s Theology

  1. Eddie

    March 31, 2015 at 07:27

    Greetings Annie, and thank you for reading and for your comment. I hope we can have a friendly discussion. :-)

    You are correct in that Paul’s theology came from the Law of Moses; for example, his discussion in Galatians shows he took some parallels from Abraham’s life. I’m not certain what you mean about the Lord’s Feast and “dress rehearsals”, but I’ll reply to whatever that might be, if you don’t mind explaining what you mean.

    You are also correct in that Jesus, the Lamb of God, was examined, just as the Passover lamb was examined–for five days, from the tenth of the month of Nisan when it was set aside. Concerning Paul’s knowledge of the Torah, you’ll get no argument from me there. He knew it, if by heart, I don’t know, but he knew it as well as any rabbi of his day, and certainly better than the untrained Apostles–fishermen, tax collectors, zealots etc.

    I also agree with you that Jesus’ words: “You shall not tempt the Lord your God” pointed to the Father. One should not leap from tall buildings on the “believe” that God will protect you. We are promised protection, but not protection according to our every whim. That said, however, I perceive you think Jesus was not God in the flesh, or that he never claimed to be God. I would disagree with you on that account, if that is what you are saying. I have several blogs to this effect, and they can be found on another blog-site of mine HERE.

  2. annie

    March 30, 2015 at 18:08

    Paul,s theology came from the Law of Moses. Paul understood the significance of The Lords Feast which are know has dress rehearsals for the real thing. When the lambs were being examined so was Jesus. Paul knew the Torah off by heart. It wasn’t new it is all contained in The OT By the way when Satan tempted Jesus in the Wilderness and Jesus said Don’t temp the Lord your God he was speaking of himself.


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