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Paul is probably the most dynamic figure in the New Testament, behind Christ of course. He has written more epistles than any other contributor of his time. He was both loved and hated during his life, and, perhaps surprisingly, he is both loved and hated by many today. Some claim he is a false prophet and his books shouldn’t be in the Bible. I don’t believe this, of course, but I have debated with folks who do. Therefore, I decided to set aside some studies that concern Paul, the man, the Christian etc. and post them here for anyone who wishes to approach that theme–what sort of man was Paul? and was he a believer etc.?

Lord bless all who come here to seek to know and understand the truth. Question all authority whose source is man and look for and accept the authority of God–found in the Bible.

  1. Paul – the Man
  2. Possible Sources of Paul’s Theology



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