Galatians - 9The Epistle of Galatians was a very interesting study. I did a Sunday school series on it in my church fellowship, and some of the brethren had trouble accepting what the epistles says. Jesus is greater than the Law in the same way that the work of God is greater than the labor of men. Men labor in the Law, but God through the Spirit. The Law condemns, but the Spirit saves. Some people have trouble accepting this. Anyway I have done two studies on this epistle. The first was in 2010. It was a short study, not meant to be deep, but the second, which I did in five years later for Sunday school has more than twice as many studies. There is some overlap, but I enjoyed doing both.

  1. Galatians — my first study in 2010
  2. Galatians — my second study in 2015

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