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How Should We Treat Our Enemies?

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In Luke 6:27-36 Jesus connects those who are rich, full and content with the status quo (Luke 6:24-26) with both the enemies of the Gospel and the enemies of the poor (the hungry, those who weep). Jesus claims that the evidence shows the rich (as a rule) hate the poor and the hungry, separating themselves from their company. Moreover (as a rule), they will defame those who embrace the hope given the poor by Christ, sending them away as though they were guilty of the world’s ills (cf. Luke 6:22). In recent history the America rich and powerful did this with the Blacks and even the Jews. Most recently they do it with illegal immigrants Nevertheless, Jesus’ disciples are called upon to love their enemies (Luke 6:27a), but what does that mean, and what does loving one’s enemy look like in real life? Read the rest of this entry »

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