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Calling the First Disciples

from Google Images

from Google Images

It is actually John who shows how five men first came into contact with Jesus following his baptism. Andrew and an unnamed disciple left John the Baptist to be with Jesus on the way back to Galilee from the Jordan (John 1:37-39). When they arrived in Galilee, Andrew went to fetch his brother, Peter (John 1:40), and the following day Jesus found Philip, who then told Nathaniel who also

came to see Jesus (John 1:43, 45). These are the first five men who came to listen to what Jesus had to say, and it is implied in the Synoptics that some of Jesus’ disciples were with him in Capernaum and probably Nazareth, as well (cf. Luke 4:38 and Mark 1:13).[1] Read the rest of this entry »

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