Jesus Is Lord of All!

15 Sep

Many, if not most of the Jews present at Pentecost 34 CE when the Holy Spirit fell down upon the Apostles, knew Jesus was a man, approved of God, in that he was enabled to perform so many great miracles. They knew this, yet they, and especially those who mocked at the praise of the Apostles, took and crucified Jesus (v.23)—cursing him by putting him on a tree. However, God showed he did not endorse the ruling of the Sanhedrin when he resurrected Jesus from the grave (v.24), because it was not possible for the grave to hold him. Why? It is because God foreknew they would do this, and he had it placed in prophecy in the mouth of David, that he would raise him from the dead. If it is in prophecy, it **must** be fulfilled, if God is to retain his good name.

In Acts 2:22 Peter turns from speaking to the mockers specifically to speaking to all the Jews present. In Acts 2:25-28 Peter quotes from Psalm 16:8-11. Peter’s argument is that the Psalm is speaking of Jesus, and all those present with him, the very ones being mocked by some in the crowd before him, are witnesses that Jesus arose from the dead (v.32). The fact is the crowd, listening to Peter, is witness to the miracle of the tongues, which is demonstrable proof from God that what Peter is saying about Jesus is true (v.33). Moreover, it is emphatically evident that David was not speaking of himself, because Peter could take anyone to David’s grave at that very moment and show them his body—it decayed. No one could do the same for Jesus, even though the grave was guarded by the military for the allotted time of three days and three nights in an effort to prevent anyone from stealing the body—a charge made against the Apostles, since the body of Jesus could not be produced after the third day.

At this time Peter quoted David in Psalm 110:1 saying, “The LORD said unto my Lord, ‘Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool.’” Peter concludes from this that, if, indeed, Jesus was crucified and laid in a grave through the judgment of a man’s ruling body, but God ruled against that ruling body and raised Jesus from the dead (according to the Apostles’ own witness), showing the rulers thoughts about him were wrong and could actually be seen as rebellion, then **only** Jesus could have ascended to the Messianic throne in the heavens, where Jesus is presently seated at the right hand of God—according to Psalm 110:1!

Peter is concluding that a new day has dawned upon mankind that the prophets had foretold would occur. The Spirit was poured out to show Jesus is Lord (Messiah) on the basis of the Resurrection and Ascension. Peter spoke of Jesus being the Son of David raised to the Throne of God—bodily—a non-corruptible physicality! This is why the Spirit was poured out before the witnessing community of Jews. Jesus is now Lord of the world, and he is equipping his followers as agents of his Kingdom! That is, we are agents of **HIS** Kingdom, we are not sent out to force people into submission to ourselves or our own ideas, but to tear down strongholds (2Corinthians 10:4) by preaching peace from God with Jesus as Lord.

Many of Peter’s hearers believed him and repented of their rebellion and were baptized in the name or under the authority of Jesus, the Messiah (vv.37-38, 41). They continued in the fellowship and teaching of the Apostles and began living as men set free of all bonds, in so much that those among them who had lands or property that could be liquidated sold them in order to provide for those of their number who lacked the necessities of life. They continued daily praising God and preaching his word, and the Lord regularly added to their number.

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